Every piece of jewellery is worn to represent love, a relationship or a special accomplishment in life. So we purchase the gem stones as close to the source as possible to offer goods with comparable quality and price. We always check our goods at the gemological laboratory to assure our goods. We always explain transparently about our selling items and customers get the clear information before making decision to buy gems from us. We want customers to fall in love with our products first and appreciate they are paying for real worth in satisfaction. Some of our customers are very excited to share their experience of buying jewelery from our shop.Therefore, Kaung Sint Yadanar gains a good reputation during these 17 years and have recommendations from Trip Advisor.

We sell especially Burmese rubies, sapphires and jades . Many kind of gems stones, gold and silver jewelleries are available from our shop. We can also accept the orders for your own design. Our mission is “Customers’ satisfaction is our first priority”.

Since 2000

Earrings Collection

Kaung Sint Yadanar Gems & Jewellery was founded in year 2000. We aim to provide reliable quality jewellery product at fair prices and provide excellent services to international and local customers.

Ring Collection

1. Diamond Rings
2. Gold Rings
3. Class Rings
4. Silver Rings
5. Birthstone Rings


Bangles Collection

The Bangles and the wrists are in constant friction with each other which leads to an increase in the blood circulation level. Bangles help in maintaining and recharging our energy levels as well. The electricity passing out through the skin is again reverted to our own body because of the ring-shaped bangles.


Necklace Collection

There are classic, textural, and sleek types of chains. There are numerous different kinds of necklace clasp types: barrel, lobster claw, spring ring, toggle clasp, magnetic, and fishhook. Necklace materials determine, in part, the quality of the necklace and can range from beads and yarn to gold, silver and leather.